Custom Telescopic Frame Systems

This stand is the same as the Adjustable Fabric Stand under Fabric Displays.  This stand can also be used for vinyl banner materials.

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Adjustable Display Using Our Telescopic Banner Frame

If you are looking for adjustable banner frames for the freedom to change their size, you are in the right place. We offer Telescopic Banner Frames for the same intention. The fabric fits on the stands made of steel bases and tubing that can be adjusted to different sizes as needed.

The pole pocket mounting technique helps you complete the assembly of the telescopic banner frame within 5 minutes. The base and conversion stands are sturdy and lightweight, and you can store them in travel bags. You can experience excellent portability, as you can take the telescopic banner frame to the desired place conveniently and assemble the banner within a few minutes.

You can use the same stand for fabric and vinyl banner materials. We print your desired banner design on the fabric, along with your logo, images, and text in your preferred color combination. You can craft a magnificent brand display within your office, retail outlet, spa, beauty parlor, or for different trade events.

Contact us through any communication modes to learn more about this product, share your ideas and requirements, and place your orders for telescopic banner frames today!