Free Standard custom Corrugated Displays

Corrugated displays get your product displayed with minimum retail floor space.  The printed message presents your visual message about your product.  We produce custom size corrugated displays and different thicknesses of cardboard and plastic corrugate.


Graphic Images has a large number of templates that we can custom to your product needs.  You can go online to to see many hundreds of designs that can fit your needs.  We print digitally on many different corrugated products.  Call us to discuss your project and we can help you with your design.  We offer prototype services to make sure your design works for your needs.



Multi-tiered Free Standing Displays from Graphic Images can be assembled easily.

We can customize to be brand specific and offer great options for supermarkets, retail shops, liquor stores, cruise ships, gift shops and trade shows.

Custom Plastic Display Stands

 from Graphic Images graphic design that can be used around case stacks of your product.


Made from high quality materials, these durable corrugated cardboard, paper or plastic display stands can be used to get message and protmotion in visual around your case stack display.  A number of products such as beverages, cosmetics, brochures, tech, apparel and much more can use this type of display signing.


Stylish and Customized Cardboard Display Stands

We specialize in digital printing on cardboard, paper, and plastic. Cardboard display stands are lightweight, and you can customize them to your desired shapes. Display your products with a touch of glamor by adopting our cardboard display stands. We ensure timely delivery of your orders without compromising the quality of material and printing.