Custom Window Graphics

Windows are prime spots to get your message noticed.  You can use long-term graphics for branding or short-term graphics for time-sensitive and promotional messages.

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Window Graphics That Bring You Business

We make the most effective use of the available space to turn your windows into ‘visual magnets’ attracting customers to your stores. Rest assured about the quality and durability of the window graphics we deliver. Our customers love them, as they are elegant, highly attractive, and last for years to come.


Kiss Cut Graphics give you the ability to take special color films and cut them to your custom designs.  We also print graphics on pressure sensitive vinyl and make contour cut shapes. We utilize printing materials that will remove cleanly from your windows without leaving behind any residue, making them the ideal material for seasonal or short-term signage. Perfect for store-fronts, car windows, and even mirrored surfaces, each decal is custom printed on durable vinyl material that will ensure your design looks great and stands out.

Printed Window Decals
North Bay Perforated Vinyl

We can create vivid prints on Pressure Sensitive Vinyl, Scotch-cal Cast, Polyethylene and DO Vinyl.

Graphic Images offers vinyl window graphics that add a professional aesthetic to office spaces or street-facing businesses while elevating your branding. For an added pop of sophisticated signage, create a vinyl graphic of your logo on our new Frosted Vinyl material. For additional privacy for glass-walled offices or meeting rooms, create full frosted vinyl panels with your logo or design cut from the negative space. The final effect looks just like etched glass, but can be removed fast!

Window Perfs

Also known as Window Wraps.  This product shows your graphic to the outside and gives privacy and light reduction to the inside. You can see outside from inside. You cannot see inside from outside.  Usually used for long term graphics.

Window Perforated Vinyl comes in different levels of opacity. 80/20 (80% solid/20% open) gives the crispest looking print. It also lets the least amount of light thru to the inside.  70/30, 60/40 and 50/50 are widely used.  The 50/50 lets the most light in and the print is the lightest of all options..

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