Custom Identification Decals

Identification Decals are used show names of items along with an identification number.


Graphic Images Identification Decals are a great way to track assets and identifying property.

We print our Identification Decals on a thick white polypropylene adhesives backed material. Our labels can outperform other labels by combining a durable base material that is more water resistant and a UV topcoat that helps improve abrasion and wear resistance.

Identification Decal 1
Identification Decal 3

Graphic Images Identification Decals can also be used to locate merchandise when a less durable paper label won’t due.

Our Identification Decals are printed in high-resolution four-color processing, allowing you to promote your company in any color palette combination and our digital printing process ensures even the most detailed graphics and type will look crisp and clean. Verify and inventory your items easily using are variable data printing method to customize unique text, numbering and barcode for each Identification Decals.

Identification Decals for Effective Inventory and Asset Management

Our durable identification decals help you manage your inventories and assets well. The thick polypropylene material we use will retain the logos, information, and barcode on the identification decals for a long time.

Are you a shopping center selling hundreds and thousands of products? Or are you a warehouse connected to a manufacturer or an online shopping portal? Our identification decals help you track your desired merchandise faster.

Our four-color printing process allows you to promote your brand through any desired color combination. The identification decals would have every detailed graphic with clean and clear visibility.

You can also use our identification decals on your equipment and assets. You can rest assured that everything will be traceable through them. Please discuss your requirements for identification decals with us and place your orders today!