Custom Vinyl Mesh Banners

From chainlink fences around construction sites to large stadium events, our customer service team can help you create the mesh banner you need to create an impact.

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8 oz Banner Vinyl Mesh

8 ounce banner mesh vinyl is used for outside banners. It is has an open pattern (like the screen pattern used on a screen patio enclosure). We suggest adding a reinforced webbing around the perimeter. Ideal for real estate construction fence barriers.

  • Fence or large outside building building applications
  • Sewn hems with reinforced webbing is recommended for long term applications
  • For ease of installation at your desired location we can install grommets in the corners and along all the sides.
  • Sizes up to 100'x16'
  • Note: due to the many holes in the material, the printed graphics will have a lighter and more translucent appearance versus solid banner materials.
  • Shipping: Depending on the size of the banner, we can roll your banner on a core or fold. If your banner is too large to be rolled, it will be folded.
  • **NOTE: if folded, there will be a crease for a period of time after unfolding. If the banner is going to be used immediately upon receipt, we recommend rolling so creasing is not an issue.

Speaker Mesh

Speaker Mesh is a 7 oz. PVC coated polyester mesh. The large-holed mesh allows 70% air-flow through. It is designed with a special scrim pattern that runs through the open holes catching more ink for optimal ink coverage.

  • Speaker Mesh is best suited for acoustical applications (over concert/venue speakers)
  • Allows more air flow than standard 8 oz mesh banner
  • Available in sizes up to 100'x16'


Sewn or Heat Welded Hems:

  • We recommend all mesh banners have sewn hems. If outdoor for extended periods of time, we recommend sewing reinforced webbing into the hem to give extra reinforcement.


  • Metal grommets provide fast and easy installation.

Pole Pockets:

  • Pole pockets can be created for both banner stands or hanging apparatuses.
  • Wooden dowels and hardware can also be included.
  • Pole pockets are sewn, not heat welded.
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