Backlit Signs & Boxes

Here at Graphic Images we specialize in backlit graphics that are used in a varitety of different style light boxes and displays.  Below please see details on the 2 most common types of backlits we produce and sell.  Lighted displays and signs " CATCH ATTENTION".

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Fabric backlit graphics are dye sublimated to a white polyester fabric that lets the light thru to present the graphic in a bright lit presentation. The fabric has a silicon edge( SEG) sewn around the perimeter that fits in a groove in the box hardware.

Fabric graphics are 1/3 the weight of film graphics.  They can be folded for packing and shipping which cuts your freight cost down significantly.

A Fabric SEG Backlit Sign can be used for directories, airport signs, movie theaters, menu displays, bus stops, casino lobbies, restaurants, and window presentations. We can help make your message visible in any light.

Standard Sizes

Standard Sizes



Graphics Images offers custom printed signs on 9 ounce polyester films that produce stunningly deep and vibrant prints that last 25 times longer than other prints, are water resistant, and can withstand direct UV sunlight to remain bright and vivid for years. The prints are lit from the back with LED lights which give bright light with low energy costs versus the older technology of florescent light. Graphics need to packed and shipped rolled. Graphics can be custom sized up to 120" x 60".  Hardware is made of aluminum and is available in silver and black.

Here at Graphic Images we specialize in backlit graphics that are used in a variety of light boxes and light displays.

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